A Brochure.Cloud brochure does not only save you time & money, they increase awareness and engage buyers & sellers.

Brochure Templates

Select from a growing range of brochures to meet your marketing requirement, or create your own!

Custom URL

Create a unique URL to share with your clients, or use throughout social media & content marketing platforms. 

Targeted Delivery

Not sure of the ideal market? Brochure.Cloud provides a unique intelligence feature to help you better reach your audience.

Seamless Connection

Connect Brochure.Cloud to your CRM or other listings application and autonomously create brochures.

Landing Page

Need a landing page specifically for your property? Use Brochure.Cloud to receive all your leads.

Health Check

Gain a health check of your marketing strategy with a Brochure.Cloud marketing expert.

Brochure.Cloud is a self-service product, aimed at increasing the exposure of real estate listings and reducing the extensive environmental waste of printed material. 

“Yes I saved money by not printing brochures, but I increased my sales rate.”

Matthew Shepherd

Real Estate Agent


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